The music industry is much different these days and there is a lot to be considered for anyone trying to find success in it. Deiion Armor has interesting views concerning current music industry factors that affect major record labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, Epic Records, Def Jam, Atlantic Records, etc. Many of these problems also affect independent artists as they test the waters of entrepreneurship in the creative industry.

Deiion has a well-rounded perspective considering the experience he’s developed from working with executives, a&r’s, producers, and publicists from major labels as well as experience developed from working with students and staff of creative colleges around the nation.

Deiion: “Fortunately, I’ve been able to see both sides of the coin. There are common issues that affect major record labels and aspiring independent artists alike. For example, the fact that we are living in the age of information has a very significant affect on both aspects of the industry. Information flows so freely across entertainment networks, mobile devices, and the internet that the value of that information (i.e. music) has decreased in respects to longevity. The behavior of the typical music consumer indicates this which causes major record labels to find creative avenues to make up for suffering record sales. Independent artists are affected because many of them are literally overwhelmed with too much information on how to approach their music careers which ultimately leads to confusion and stifles their progress. These types of problems can be solved easily which is why we have a team of national and international directors that are working to create solutions for the music industry to make it more enjoyable for major record labels, independent artists, and consumers”.

Many of these issues are frequently overlooked. Armor spoke extensively about the “simplicity of solving the record sales problem”. He indicated that the solutions to many of these issues were “quite simple”. This is good news because most of us could agree that a solution capable of benefiting major record labels, independent artists, and the consumer would be gratifying.

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