Shovel Knight’s superb soundtrack becomes a soothing collection of lullabies

Scarlet Moon Records produces albums for original soundtracks and remixes of video game music, and its next project is giving Shovel Knight‘s tunes a soothing twist.

Prescription for Sleep: Shovel Knight turns the action-sidescroller’s high-energy songs into soothing lullabies. It also includes tracks based on music from Shovel Knight’s three expansions, including King of Cards, which releases on December 10. In total, the album includes 20 tracks. It will release “slightly before” King of Cards.

Scarlet Moon gave us a preview of the album’s chill take on “An Underlying Problem,” the song that plays during the Lost City level. You can listen to it above.

You can find the album for purchase through various stores through here.

Prescription for Sleep has been an ongoing series for Scarlet Moon. Other albums have created lullaby versions of music from Undertale, Celeste, and more.

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